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Lilac Helios



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De Novo   On-The-Go Lint Roller

Experience the ease of these compact self-cleaning lint brushes designed to replace your traditional sticky sheet lint roller. Compact and lightweight, the De Novo   On-The-Go lint roller is easy to bring with you everywhere you go. 

✔️  NATURAL LINT MAGNET - Great for everyday cleaning of your favorite fabrics; regular brushing removes lint, fuzz and dust from sweaters, shirts, towels and more.

✔️ BETTER THAN A LINT ROLLER - A sustainable alternative to disposable sticky rollers. This is a zero waste lint roller - intended to last.  Millions of plastic-coated sheets of sticky paper are tossed in the trash every year. The coating on single-use lint roller sheets is not recyclable, and neither is the plastic frame holding them. Say goodbye to sticky sheets and refills that are not recyclable and say Hello to De Novo self-cleaning lint brushes.

✔️ SELF-CLEANING DESIGN - Avoid having to remove all the lint off your brush by hand and make your life easier, by having a lint brush that self-cleans.

✔️ EASY TO EMPTY COMPARTMENT - The compartment at the top of the lint roller collects all the lint off the brush. Just push it open, slide it out,  and empty the contents - it’s really that simple.

✔️ TRAVEL SIZE BRUSH – Take it with you anywhere you go. Perfect for quick, on-the-go cleanups. This is a very travel friendly compact and portable roller. It fits neatly into most coat pockets and hand bags, and the fact that you can use and reuse as necessary without needing to discard anything makes it particularly useful for people on the go.


  1. Turn the base of the roller so that the micro bristles are exposed.
  2. Press the roller against the fabric and roll in one direction.
  3. Once some fur or lint is collected on the roller, rotate the base several times, to clear the micro bristles.
  4. Repeat until your roller is cleaned.
  5. Then, push the top of the lint roller, which will expose the compartment that has collected the lint and empty it into the trash.  

Made from ABS plastic, and PP Micro Bristles 

Size : 4.3X4.3X18.3 cm

Weight :0.3KG

OUR GUARANTEE - Order one today, try it out and if you don’t like it we’ll give you a full refund. We know it's hard to decide on purchasing a product online, so we offer 100% money back guarantee! You can try the De Novo Self-Cleaning Lint Brush risk free. If you do not love it, you do not pay for it - it is that simple. No hard feelings. We can still be friends ❤️

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For more information regarding our shipping times, please read our shipping policy.

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